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Why Personal Care for Seniors Matters

Why Personal Care for Seniors Matters

Can you imagine the sight of seeing your elderly loved ones struggling to change their clothes? Can you imagine the sight of seeing your loved ones struggling to bathe themselves? These are daily personal routines necessary for everyone to stay clean and healthy. But with aging, our bones may have become too stiff to move or our body cannot handle such simple tasks anymore.

Considering these facts, the best solution available today is to get someone who can attend to their personal care. Usually, families would opt to have them stay in a nursing facility or hire a personal caregiver who can stay with them 24/7. We have seen the impact of having a personal caregiver for seniors at Angelic Love Home Care, a growing non-medical home care agency in Framingham MA. Thus, we strongly promote good hygiene as a priority, especially to senior patients.

Personal care matters for seniors because it is an indicator of their health.

Sometimes the primary cause of infections and allergies is having poor hygiene. When people do not cut their nails, change their clothes and underwear and take a bath regularly, they are most likely to get infections or acquire common viruses. These organisms love to dwell on dirty places and moist areas. Our body could be the perfect place for it.

It is important to clean their bodies regularly to ward off these viruses and at the same time keep their bodies healthy.

Mental and Physical Health is part of the care plan

When you hire a personal caregivers who will deal with all the needs of your older loved ones, expect that they will cater to all of their needs. These includes their nutrition and mental health. Our caregivers at Angelic Love Home Care ensure not just hygiene but their overall health. We coordinate with their doctors and even dietician about their recommended daily food intake, if necessary. We can help them prepare their meal every day and make sure that they eat on time.

Moreover, we are also responsible for providing activities that will encourage them to think and move around. We can ask them what they want to do for the day and help them carry out such task.

Personal care is all about respect and giving the seniors independence.

Having a personal caregiver is the first step in showing that you care for your elderly loved ones. It is letting them know that you still care for them despite not being around most of the time. And as caregivers, it is our moral responsibility to respect the needs and wants of our patients.

When it comes to their preference in the task, food or method of doing a particular thing, we ask for their opinions and usually, we only do what our patients would request us to do. As long as they are capable of deciding on their own, we let them be. We believe that giving respect to our seniors’ choices and giving them enough space to be independent is more effective than simply directing them what to do.

Indeed, personal care matters because this is the foundation of a healthy and positive aging. Our senior loved ones are still capable of doing daily tasks; they just need personal assistance and good companionship in their day to day endeavors. And this is what exactly what we want to fulfill in our humble home care services.

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