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Productive Ways to Engage Seniors: How to become socially active?

Productive Ways to Engage Seniors: How to become socially active?

With the advent of today’s technology and the prevalence of social media, do you think Facebook can help seniors prompt themselves to a more meaningful social circle? Of course, it does! To keep yourself updated with the latest trends and the hottest issues in the world while discussing it with your newly-found cyber pals or your closest buddies when you are over 65 is absolutely healthy! Experts say it allow seniors shrug off feelings of loneliness, depression, and being socially withdrawn.

Angelic Love Home Care, a non-medical home care agency in Framingham, MA, supports your senior loved ones in their golden moments and encourage them to keep an active social life by doing activities that they enjoy. Our skillful certified nursing assistants (CNAs) or home health aides will provide assistance, encourage involvement in hobbies, and stimulate their interests in activities which include interaction with different people.

So how do we ignite enthusiasm to your elderly grandpops or nanas? Take note of the following points to keep them socially connected.

  • Club membership

    Older adults want to feel like their individuality still have value in the society or that state of belongingness. We encourage seniors to join in a club depending on their personal interests, for example, a book club, art, hiking, gardening clubs etc. This enables them to meet other people young or old and learn from each other. Thus, creating new friendships.

  • Volunteering

    The elderly oftentimes lose that feeling of purpose in life because society dictates it. But one should follow what he or she desires. Find an organization locally or if you want to experience volunteering abroad, start researching online. Senior Corps is a government run organization which links to more than 270,000 service opportunities in the US.

  • Maintain close family relationships

    It is reported that one of the reasons seniors fall into depression is becoming estranged or distant to their loved ones. Having a broken personal relationship can be stressful for them. So, it is necessary to maintain a loving relationship not only with each family members but also among friends, neighbors, or church members. Facebook connection or other social media sites have been tremendously becoming popular among the 65 plus bracket which dramatically rose from 26% in 2010 to 48% last year.

  • Engage in mentally stimulating games

    Playing mind games such as chess, scrabble, or monopoly foster camaraderie among players and helps activate brain functions. Crossword puzzles is also a fun way to do with an Angelic Love Home Care health aides or companions if you need some help to decipher the questions.

Angelic Love Home Care gives you that opportunity to keep you in the social loop and live your senior moments filled with laughter among family and friends. Explore more of our non-medical home care agency in Framingham, MA, by logging in to our website at or contact us at 508-861-7186.

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