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How to Handle Patients Living with Dementia

How to Handle Patients Living with Dementia

One aging mystery that we still have not uncovered until today, is the cure for dementia. Many experts claim that the best way to remedy it is through lifestyle change and constant monitoring. And so far, this has proven to be effective. It may not have totally eradicated dementia from the patients but it has certainly made daily living convenient for them.

We understand the struggle in dealing with patients suffering from dementia. Sometimes they have the tendency to throw tantrums or they simply do not want to cooperate on simple tasks. This is an issue that we greatly want to address at Angelic Love Home Care, a world class non-medical home care agency in Framingham MA.

In our mission to give the best care for patients living with dementia, here are some effective tips that might help:

  • Communication is vital.

    Not all of us are capable of communicating and relating to patients with dementia. Most of the time, we have no idea how to talk to our patients especially when they become incommunicative. But as caregivers, it is our job to reach out to them. Setting a positive mood for interaction could be a good way to start. Asking them about their day or if they have eaten already is a good way to start a conversation. They may give you short answers only but at least they respond to you.

  • Let the family understand the situation

    Because dementia is generally a medical condition, its cause, symptoms and its treatment is something that experts should deal with. But as caregivers and family members, it helps to know about this age-related disease. Understanding the possible changes in our senior loved one’s behavior is essential so that we will know how to cope with them.

    Through understanding the nature of such disease, we will be able to give the support our loved ones’ needs. We will become more sensitive to our actions toward them and we will be able to adjust to their needs. This is vital because if we cannot adjust and relate to the patient, this could worsen their condition.

  • Have ways in dealing with patient’s behavior

    Some of the most common behaviors that a patient with Alzheimer’s disease exhibits are aggression, depression, and agitation. The instances where these behaviors are manifested are unpredictable so caregivers must be alert at all times. When this unruly behavior occurs, it would be best to limit distractions. By distractions, we mean unnecessary noise and even sharp tools. After this, we can approach the patient and soothe them.

    When they become uncontrollable, a nursing facility would be a good place for them to temporarily stay. As caregivers, it is our task to come up with a care plan that is suitable to the needs of our patient and execute it properly so it will be easier to handle them.

Dementia is a silent predator. It could affect our family members and so the best way to prevent it is to have annual health check-up so you can monitor any changes or signs of dementia as early as possible.

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