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A Day in the Life of a Happy and Healthy Elderly

A Day in the Life of a Happy and Healthy Elderly

As people get old, there’s nothing more important than happiness and good health. For most seniors, happiness is when they are in the comfort of their own homes instead of being sent to a nursing care facility where everything is unfamiliar to them. With the help of reliable home care agencies, like us at Angelic Love Home Care, seniors are able to maintain and improve their health even if they live independently from their family members. But does home care promote the happiness of seniors at home, too? Definitely. Because without proper home care, seniors may not be able to receive the care they need for a comfortable living nor do the daily activities that are not only important but are also their form of recreation. So, what constitutes an average day in the life of a happy and healthy senior at home?

  • Starting the day with personal care

    Elderly individuals, especially those who are wheelchair-bound, will have a hard time performing personal care tasks, such as bathing and toileting, on their own so the caregiver will provide assistance and supervision to keep them safe from falling or slipping. A regular senior’s day usually starts with showering or having the caregiver wipe their body with a wet cloth on times they are unable to bathe followed by grooming and dressing. Personal care and hygiene not only enhances their comfort, which improves the feeling of happiness but also promotes their dignity.

  • Healthy meals

    Eating a healthy diet and on a schedule is vital in maintaining senior’s health. Other than that, having a healthy diet has also been linked to increased happiness and reduced stress for seniors. Caregivers play an important role in ensuring a senior’s health, especially in terms of eating habits and taking medications, as elderly people, with their weakening physical health, may not be able to prepare meals, healthy or not, on their own. The personal home care provider will ensure that the senior patient is eating healthy meals, prescribed by their health providers, and taking their medications on time.

  • Socializing and other activities

    Being active and going outdoors are important in a senior’s social and mental health. For most seniors, physical activities, like regular exercising, and strolling outdoors are highly advised to improve their physical and mental health. Seniors with a disability or are wheelchair-bound, escorted by their caregivers, need to be under the sun and stroll around their neighborhood, at least most days in the week, to avoid the feeling of isolation and depression. Because of this, going outdoors, meeting friends, and socializing in the parks, and simply just taking strolls on a sunny day improves the happiness of elderly people.

  • Ending the day with comfort

    How the day will end is just as important as how it started and what went on throughout. To give the senior patient a comfortable night’s sleep, the caregiver will make sure that they are well-fed and have taken their nightly medicine. Having their favorite hot drink before bedtime warms the hearts of most seniors, too. Some seniors will also appreciate a quick bath or have their body wiped with a wet cloth before bedtime for a more comfortable feeling throughout the night.

While seniors do have different things and activities that make them happy, it remains true that having a reliable individual to provide them with assistance, supervision, care, and comfort is what makes happiness and good health possible for every senior’s daily lives. As the premier and most reliable non-medical home care agency in Framingham MA, it is our mission at Angelic Love Home Care to provide our clients with qualified, compassionate, and dedicated caregivers to provide them with the support necessary to improve their happiness, comfort, health, and quality of life. Get to know us more at


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